About Alecia Roberts


In 2003 Alecia began to reflect over the many painful events of her life. She began to seek the Lord for purpose in all the pain she had endured. She soon realized the fact she had survived these events could offer hope to many who are facing difficult seasons in life.

When Alecia began writing The Pursuit of Purpose, little did she realize the Lord was about to take her on an amazing and powerful Journey of Forgiveness and Healing. A journey that would allow her to experience the Lord in a very personal way; forgive others and herself of a very dark past; receive healing of some very old and profound wounds; fall madly in love with Jesus Christ; and finally break-free from the cell of shame and self-condemnation she had locked herself into and walk in the freedom that only a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ can provide.

Alecia’s story is a powerful testament of the transformation the Lord can bring to a truly surrendered heart.

Alecia has been married to her husband, Stephen since March 2001. Collectively, they have three daughters and a grandson they are raising as their own. They reside on Oak Island in North Carolina.

7 Responses to About Alecia Roberts

  1. Cindy Geho says:

    I just met you on FaceBook and I feel that we are going to become very good friends. I feel that the Lord has sent you my way. Your story has many parts of my life. I can feel the pain you held inside for so long. It took me many years to find my way back to a full relationship with Him. I am truly looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Michelle Merritt Keith says:

    If not for the events in your life, we may had never known each other. Reading your story strikes so close to home…In many ways. Though our paths changed years ago & you were my Aunt..In my eyes you still are. My heart was so full of joy when we reconnected last year. I thank God everyday for my many blessings but very thankful to have you back in my life. Be blessed and know I love you dearly!!

  3. Dana Walker says:

    I simply Love you Alecia . God has been with you all through your pain. You are a inspiration to all of us and helped us see the Purpose of this life we all struggle with. God bless you and your family always ❤

  4. Linda Castro says:

    I can relate to so much of your story. I am glad you allowed God to work through you to write about it.

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