The Pursuit of Purpose – Reviews

Here is what some are saying about The Pursuit of Purpose: A Journey to Forgiveness and Healing:

“The Pursuit of Purpose by Alecia Roberts is a must read if you have ever sinned or been sinned against. The Pursuit of Purpose is a love story—a love sought for that is no real love at all, and a love found that is the unconditional love of God.  You will find here a transparency that you rarely find in the church. You will find sin that ran amok in her life because of bad choices made and the unconditional forgiveness of God who sought her out and would not let her go.  If you have ever been a victim of the out-of-control sin of others or have victimized others, you must read Alecia’s story of God’s love and grace.” Jim Hughes, Author, C Through Marriage

The Pursuit of Purpose it is one of the bravest feats of literature, and soul-bearing, that I have ever read. I had the honor of writing a formal endorsement of the book after some mild editing, so I can tell you just how amazing her story truly is. Get your hands on a copy, I promise it will change the way you think, feel, appreciate, and pursue the Lord.”Brandy Runyan, Author, 101 Things My Daughter Needs to Know

“In The Pursuit of Purpose: A Journey to Forgiveness and Healing, author Alecia Roberts shares her painful journey from a life of child abuse, rape, drugs, failed marriages, abortion and attempted suicide to a life of survival, fulfilled hope, forgiveness and healing through our Savior, Jesus Christ. Alecia’s story will encourage you along the path as you seek to find light in the darkness. For those who have survived similar situations, you will be able to relate as the author shares each step of her journey toward wholeness. Her honest and inspiring story is powerful as she shares what God can do with a broken life.” Carol Round, author of Journaling with Jesus: How to draw closer to God

“Have you ever felt like there was no way God could love you?  There were too many skeletons in your closet?  In The Pursuit of Purpose, author Alecia Roberts shares her life…not only her struggles but those deepest, dark secrets she never wanted revealed.  Or maybe you wonder, ‘Why do they stay in that situation?  Why don’t they get out and do better for themselves?’  If so, this book will help you understand the thoughts and actions of loved ones in dire circumstances.  Either way, this book will leave you wanting to make things right and/or reach out in prayer for those struggling.  You will find hope, knowing what God did for her, He can do for you!  He is no respecter of persons.” –  Amy Gatliff, Author of “The Power to Never Give Up”

“I read this book while it was being published. I was struck with awe at the honesty, the humility and the passion that Alecia has for sharing with others. To open up and tell of all the trials and temptations that she has gone through and to realize that even when all the bad stuff was happening-God had a plan for her life; is so profound and yet so simple. For anyone that questions the “Why me’s?” or “what does this mean?” This book will make you take a second look at your life and recognize God’s hand in it. Awesome book!” –  Joy Bowser, Author of A Wife and A Witness

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