My Purpose

I truly believe each of us was created for a specific purpose for the kingdom of God. Every experience we endure in life is part of a process which cultivates us into the unique individuals we were created to become in order to fulfill the divine purpose for which we were created. Regardless of how dire our circumstances may seem, God is always in control. We must give Him authority over our lives as we continue to seek Him and the lessons He would have us learn. We must continue to move forward in the pursuit of our divine purpose as we seek Him and His guidance each step of the way.

Our purpose can often be found in the midst of our most painful experiences in life; those experiences that inflict so much pain that only through the grace of God can we find forgiveness and healing. The purpose of my ministry is to reach out to those who are hurting and having difficulty finding forgiveness in their hearts for themselves or the ones who have inflicted much of their pain. It is my desire to lead them to Jesus Christ who understands their pain, in order for them to experience the amazing power of God’s grace and receive the forgiveness and healing that only His grace can provide.

We can give Satan the victory in our lives by carrying the pain and unforgiveness in our hearts allowing these experiences to destroy us or we can be victorious in Jesus Christ by receiving the forgiveness and healing that only His grace can provide.

The pursuit of my purpose was a painful journey until I finally handed all of my pain to the Lord and received forgiveness and healing. I thank Him for never giving up on me! I pray that in sharing my journey with you, you will find new hope, encouragement, and strength to either begin your journey or continue your journey. May God bless you!


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